Neuro Linguistic Programming

Program Contents

This program helps you understand and apply NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) skills in your life, coaching or any other profession. Whether you want to improve your personal life, relationships, health, intellect, spirituality, social or work life – learning NLP can help in all areas. NLP helps you identify and address issues in your surroundings and your response to various stimuli, equipping techniques to help you developing new skills and capabilities, improving your communication with yourself and others, addressing limiting beliefs and values, helping you have strong identity and aligning your life with your higher purpose.

Key Focus Areas
  • Taking the charge of your emotions
  • Experience a state of control on your well being
  • Ability to get into peak performance state
  • Become a bettercommunicator and tailor your communication as per the personality type of the listener
  • Manage your relationships better than you have been doing so far
  • Be able to remove phobias, fears and bad memories
  • Get over any limiting beliefs
Workshop Schedule
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Success Stories

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PMP and Scrum Candidates.

  • Noor Bombaywala.
  • Anirudha Namdeo.
  • Abhishek Shrivatav.
  • Vikas Kachhava - Thailand
  • Kapil Patel - Thailand
  • Chnadrika Gummaluri  - USA
  • Eric Takkene - Germany

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