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Managing Change – Leadership Program

Managing Change - Leadership Program by RYPM

Managing Change - A leadership program


The overall objective of  the “Managing Change – A Leadership Program” is to prepare undergraduates / graduates /working professionals and professional business managers to understand the project management concept in short period by running a simulation. This learning then can be immediately implemented to the minor / major project or work.

Learning Outcome of Managing Change:

Upon successful completion of this workshop, the participants will be able to:
1. understand and practice the process of project management and its application in delivering Successful projects;
2. evaluate a project to develop the scope of work, provide accurate cost estimates and to plan the various activities;
3. understand and use risk management analysis techniques that identify the factors that put a project at risk and to quantify the impact of risk on project timescales;
4. identify the resources required for a project and to produce a work plan and resource schedule;
5. monitor the progress of a project and to assess the risk of slippage, revising targets or counteract drift using EVM technique.
6. Communicate effectively and efficiently.

  1. Project Management – methods, Tools & techniques.
    2. Time Management.
    3. Meeting management.
    4. Team management.
    5. Report Writing.
    6. Presentation skills.
    7. Risk Management.
    8. Decision making.
    9. Leadership
    10. Resource Management

Delivery Methods

1. Practical workshop for 2 days where participants  work on a simulated project for a theoretical duration of 11 months.
2. In this workshop 16-20 professionals are required to form 4/5 teams.
3. Each team has four participants.
4. Each individual has to play a role in a team.
5. All teams have the common project which they have to Plan, Execute, Monitor and Control.
6.All teams therefore required to make a project charter, plan resources, estimate budget, execute project work, monitor & control, change management, risk
management etc.
7. Every month there are events and team members to take decisions, based on the situation.
8. These decisions will have an impact on the performance of project (either positive or negative)
9. Monitoring Projects Status – Plan v/s Actual.
10. Control Project based on Plan v/s Actual status.
11. Project Status Reporting to Management and other stakeholders by teams.
12. Emphasis on Various tools & Techniques; Project Charter, Risk Analysis, Project Plan, RAM, EVM, WBS, Critical Path, Roles & Responsibilities, Leadership, resource planning etc.

You can also watch out the videos of simulation at You Tube. Watch Now.

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