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Rescheduling Policy

Rescheduling Policy

Rescheduling Policy
Rescheduling Policy of RYPM describes about rescheduling of any training program / event  / workshop. Rescheduling Policy guideline is given here below.

In case Rejuvenate Your Project Management reschedules the training event, then candidate/delegate /participant/customer can have following options:

  • 100% refund will be made, if the rescheduled dates do not fit into the candidate/delegate /participant/customer’s schedule.
  • The candidate/delegate /participant/customer would have the privilege of rescheduling and attending a class in future at his/her convenience on any date of scheduled training published in our website calendar.
  • The candidate/delegate /participant/customer, if wishes to, can send his/her replacement. However, this should be intimated to Rejuvenate Your Project Management at least 3 days ahead of the event date.

Other way round,

  • If for some unforeseen reasons, a candidate/delegate /participant/customer wishes to reschedule his/her registration to a future date, a rescheduling fee is charged as mentioned below:
  • If the request of rescheduling is received ahead of 7days or more, 10% of administration fee will be charged.
  • Please note that rescheduling will be subject to availability of seats.
  • If the request of rescheduling is received within 7 days or less, no refund will be made to the candidate / delegate / participant / customer.